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The Course


Offering students the opportunity to continue their academic journey, this vocational course, equivalent to three A levels, covers all areas of the performing arts from management through to performance.  Preparing students for the professional performance world or alternatively higher and further education.

Students study all aspects of the performing arts and are skilfully guided through the two year level 3 BTEC qualification carrying a maximum of 420 UCAS points.

It is our aim at BDC to help students reach their full potential and to provide the training needed to achieve this. Upon graduation students will be helped either into the professional working industry or alternatively further education should they so wish.


Students receive a fully rounded dance training.  Taught by some of the countries most celebrated performers the students are exposed to elite training focussing on :-

Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet Repertoire

Pointe-work (Girls)

Contemporary Dance

Martha Graham Technique

Merce Cunningham

Jose Limon

Release Technique

Jazz Technique

Tap Dance

Commercial Dance

Heel Class (Girls)

Hip Hop




Body Conditioning


Professionals must be able to act through dance, song and text, making an ability to act essential for work in all areas of the industry.  The course focuses on :-

Improvisation Technique

Sight Reading

Stage Acting

Screen Acting

Audition Technique

Variety Performance

Musical Theatre Acting

Performance Workshop


Singing is an essential skill for most wishing to work within in the performing arts industry.  Upon graduation all students have an ability to sing and are prepared to do so if and when required in an audition, with all students receiving weekly private tuition. Classes include :-


Private Singing Tuition

Musical Theatre Performance

Performance Opportunities

With an in-house 100 seat tiered theatre, students are given frequent performance opportunities throughout the year.  Giving students the chance to utilise skills learnt in-front of a live audience.


In our belief that graduating students should be educated in all areas of their trade, students also study the historical context of performance as well as performing arts business, giving them the necessary tools to become a freelance performer.